EZ-Tech Computers of Strongsville Ohio is a local business that specializes in computer repair, computer sales, screen replacement, Data recovery and back up, virus removal, and various other computer related services. EZ-Tech Computers had already established a digital footprint but needed to take their online presence to the next level. After a short online consult, we were able to identify EZ-Tech’s needs as well as identify some areas current website that would improve the potentials customers experience. One area that is important in the ever quickly web world is mobile responsiveness. Providing a website that provides potential customers with an optimal viewing experience, across any device(Android phone, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad tablet, computer, etc) provides end users with a more enjoyable experience. Visiting a website that works well and is visually pleasing can mean the difference between engaging a customer or a customer leaving the site swiftly.

Website Updates
EZ-Tech Computers also had requested an update to websites overall style. Their brick and mortar location in Strongsville, Ohio had undergone a revamping of in-store branding. Aligning their digital branding to match their in-store branding not only created a sense of consistency to customers visiting in person and digitally, but also helps first-time visitors connect and form a positive opinion of your business based on its branding appearance. The old saying “First impressions are important” still rings true in the digital age!

SEO Updates

The last digital aspect of EZ-Techs website we were able to help with was content updates. Crafting content in a way that is easy to understand and visually pleasing while providing SEO(Search Engine Optimization) can prove to be a very tough task. We were able to provide various content updates through the site to make the Data Recovery & Transfers Page an integral part of EZ-Techs site.

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