Hercules Home Solutions of Hinckley, Ohio is a business that specializes in brand new roof installs, custom roof installs, roof repairs, siding installations, and siding repairs. Hercules Home Solutions strives on competitive pricing, quality materials, and client feedback to ensure customer satisfaction.  While they have been wildly successful in their business just south of Cleveland, they wanted to expand their business digitally to reach new customers.
We began the process of understanding Hercules’ needs by setting up an initial consultation to understand their needs.  From this conversation, we were able to set up an affordable approach to getting their roofing business online, with the maximum potential client outreach possible.  To do this, we focused on 3 areas: a website, logo design, and brand outreach.
Website Design
Hercules Home Solutions needed to speak to homeowners that were either looking to upgrade their current roofing or siding in a way that they could understand.  We wanted to set an importance on the mobile aspect and ensure the site was responsively designed.  A responsive design means that a website can display your website properly on a variety of devices. From tablets and iPads to iPhones, Android phones, and desktops or laptops, responsive website design ensures your site will display correctly so potential customers do not incur a frustrating experience.  This is very important because as of 2017, mobile traffic accounts for over 50% of all web traffic!
Logo Design
The star of Hercules Home Solutions was, well; HERCULES! Figuring out that part was not hard, but ensuring the brand identity was intact and told the correct story was not as easy.  We had iterated over several designs with the Hercule’s team to ensure we had hit on those two focal points. When we had finally landed on design, we made sure that the logo was consistent, and displayed correctly on all social media sites and platforms.  Consistency is important because it brings an aspect of professionalism to your brand.  Bring a certain level of professionalism to your brand could be the difference between a new customer acquisition and someone moving on to a competitor.
Brand Outreach
Being a roofing contractor in Northeast Ohio means that you must not only have your own website, but also an outreach to other popular contractor platforms.  Angie’s List is a staple and cornerstone of many contractor businesses, so we placed importance on getting the correct message and brand onto their platform so that potential customers got the right impression. Leverage popular platforms like this can expose your business in ways where a simple google search may not help.  Not to mention, the more places your name is accessible on the internet, the higher it will rank on search engines!  This practice is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.  Getting Hercules Home Solutions on Google Business, Facebook and various other platforms not only spread their brand but also gave their roofing business the power of SEO! A quick google search can show you what sense designs and the power of SEO can do for you!
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