Ugly Tub Ohio of Northern Ohio is a business that specializes in bathtub refinishing, bathtub rust removal, bathtub chip repair and other bathtub restoration services.  Ugly Tub Ohio is a well-established business that has been helping customers with their damaged and neglected bathtubs in Ohio for over 20 years. With an already established customer base in the Cleveland area, Ugly Tub Ohio was looking to establish a digital footprint to expand their business beyond the Northern Ohio Region.
Website Design
To expose their bathtub refinishing business to more potential customers, we were tasked with creating an engaging website. We wanted to create an engaging and exciting website with a modern touch, while still telling the correct story of a staple business in Ohio. To accomplish this we met with the client stakeholders and even went to an active job site to get a better understanding of their bathtub refinishing work! Having the work speak for itself really can send a message about the quality, so we made sure to include as many bathtub restoration pictures as we could without visually overstimulating potential customers.  The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” really can ring true for your business.
 Logo Design
Another top priority for Ugly Tub Ohio was redesigning their logo, which was a handmade drawing that had been around for quite some time.  Re-branding your business can be a nerve-racking process that many companies do not want to take on.  However, re-branding can mean the difference between attracting new customers and staying stagnant.  We provided Ugly Tub with many different mock-ups and colors combinations to ensure we left no stone unturned. We worked with Ugly Tub to ensure they would tell the proper story to connect their rich history with the digital age.
Ugly tub now had a website and a story, but that will not magically attract new customers.  Enter: Search Engine Optimization.  Search Engine Optimization(often referred to as SEO), can connect you with new customers by making sure you appear at the top of search results in major search engines.  By creating rich content and focusing on keywords, your site can skyrocket to the top of Google. The content creators at sense designs were able to research and deliver knowledgeable content related to bathtub refinishing services that are filled with rich keyword references.
 Social Media
Lastly, sense designs was able to use the power of social media lift the brand for maximum social connections.  Having a social media presence allows your business to take advantage of a more personable marketing approach. We were able to guide Ugly Tubs digital experience by training them on power social ad programs that many social media services provide.
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